Saturday, 18 May 2013

New Website & Blog!

My new website is finally ready! Its been a long hard slog but I am very pleased with the finished result. I now have a built in blog on the new site so am bidding you farewell on this one. Please head over to and check out my new portfolios, products and loads more. 


  1. Congratulations on the launch of the new website, Olivia! Great choice of patterns to use on the homepage. It shows the different styles of work that you do without looking too cluttered. The only critique I have are the buttons. I'd prefer if the links over the patterns already show instead of popping up when you hover since there's a specific area to point over before they appear. It also makes the links at the top redundant. One or the other should be okay.

    1. Hi Lloyd,

      Thank u for taking the time to give me your opinion. I totally agree with all of the above, I wanted the buttons to appear as soon as you even touch each image but apparently this is not possible! Am going to get this changed as soon as possible.